The critically acclaimed novel by Vybz Kartel & Micheal Dawson


Learn why the Prestigious Ivy League Institution Princeton University said; “They are happy to have it and permanently add it their collection.” If the planet’s smartest educators believe it will benefit the brightest students in the world, will it not benefit you?
The voice of the Jamaican ghetto

Cultural Significance: Delve into the cultural insights and societal reflections that permeate the pages of this influential book.

Insightful Narratives: Kartel’s narrative provides a candid portrayal of poverty, violence, and the resilient spirit of the Jamaican people.

Raw Perspective: Gain a firsthand understanding of the social challenges, cultural richness, and everyday struggles faced by residents of Jamaica’s marginalized neighborhoods.

So what book influenced you in writing your book?

I wouldn’t say a book influenced me–a lot of people always tell me “why don’t you write a book about your life?” I was like “nah, if I write a book about my life I’d probably be indicted and sent to prison”[laughs].

Just kidding. I didn’t want to write a book on my life, I wanted to write a book about life. About Jamaican life. It was people telling me “you’re so intelligent, you should write a book.” So I was like, what the f**k, I’m going to do it.

It was a show in Ocho Ríos. How I had the people eating out the palm of my hand, I was like “I feel like a king, I’ve got to do something to take this sh*t to the next level.” I hooked up with a friend of mine who studies in Miami and he said “let’s do it.” He was the one who actually did the data researches. We talk about the GDP and Jamaica’s debt that we owe to countries, he was the one who actually did research for stuff like that.



Published in 2012, “The Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto” offers a compelling narrative that dives deep into the realities of life in Jamaica’s marginalized communities, known as ‘ghettos.’ Written by Vybz Kartel, renowned dancehall artist, and Michael Dawson, this book provides a raw and unfiltered perspective on issues like poverty, violence, and cultural richness.

Gain a nuanced understanding of Jamaican culture and societal challenges. Kartel’s firsthand experiences and vivid storytelling make this book essential for anyone passionate about Caribbean culture and social justice.

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The voice of the Jamaican ghetto
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